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  • Breakfast Club with Kelli Barker


    Start your day off right by enjoying a wonderful breakfast with your SALT friends. 6/3, 7/1, 8/5 from 9-10 a.m. We will be dining away from the beach to avoid the crowds.

  • Chew the Fat


    Chew the fat means to talk informally, in a friendly manner. Join us for conversation and laughter as we respond to videos and articles about popular culture/current happenings, discuss things our “home” states are famous for, and many other topics depending on which rabbit holes we fall into. “Elevenses” (mid-morning snacks) and coffee/tea/beverage of choice are welcomed.

  • Difficult Circumstances Book Club with Kofie Montgomery


    Meeting May 17, July 19, and August 16 from 6-7 p.m., you will read and discuss three books about child protagonists who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

  • Dining Club Central with Kofie Montgomery


    Meet inland, away from the crowds, on July 12 and August 9 from 5-7 p.m., to enjoy dinner with your SALT friends.

  • Dining Club North with Polly Putorti


    Meet July 27 and August 4 from 5-7 to enjoy dinner with your SALT friends.

  • Fun & Games with Kofie Montgomery and Frankie Harris


    Meeting online every Wednesday 5-6 p.m., this club enjoys fun competition and lots of laughs. Scattegories, 20 Questions, you name it, they’ll play it! 5/18-8/17

  • Lunch Bunch with Carol Osborne


    Join us for lunch at noon on May 26, June 9, and July 14. We will be dining at restaurants away from the beach area.