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  • Advocacy and Activism: American Women’s Voices that Changed the Course of Human Events


    This course explores the contributions of American women who lifted their voices to speak out against political and social injustice throughout the nation’s history. The topics will include slavery, child labor, migrant workers, immigrant advocacy, healthcare and human trafficking. These stories and accounts will celebrate the irrepressible spirit of women who had the courage to […]

  • African American Sites in Horry County


    Join us as we discuss the history of sites like Atlantic Beach and the variety of communities and schools associated with African American heritage in Horry County.

  • Bewitched: The Salem Witch Trials and Other Myths


    Right in time for Halloween, this class explores the 17th century trials directed at women who dared to step outside the societal norms in colonial America. In addition, it highlights some other misconceptions about ladies whose behavior raised eyebrows and often led to incarceration, social shunning and character assassination over the past two centuries.

  • Female Firsts: American Women at the Head of the Line


    This course explores the lives of American women who paved the way for others by being the “first in their field.” We will celebrate women elected to powerful positions in the public sector as well as in private business. These women were in the forefront of sports, technology, entertainment, education, medicine and so much more.

  • Herbal Medicine during the American Civil War


    Yusef will introduce us to the book produced in the mid-1860s by Dr. Pierre Porcher, (CSA) from Charleston, SC on herbal medicine to sustain the Confederate Army and the citizens of the Southern States due to the Union embargo/blockade of medicinals from the northern states and Europe.  A few herbals/plants will be discussed and their use today.

  • Hurricanes


    From the Spanish Repulse Hurricane in 1686 to Hurricane Florence in 2019, hurricanes have played a major part in South Carolina’s cultural and natural history. Join us to learn about a few of the historic storms to hit coastal South Carolina’s coast and the impacts that they’ve had on our area.

  • Local Superstitions & Ghost Stories


    The Horry/Georgetown Area has a long history and, with the passage of time, stories are bound to arise. Whether you’ve heard about the supposed haunting of local landmarks or just noticed a lot of blue ceilings on porches, there is history and folklore that runs deep in many of these local legends. Join us to learn more about some of these local ghost stories and superstitions.

  • Posting the News: Stories of the Saturday Evening Post


    This class takes a harder look at the covers of the Saturday Evening Post and how they related to the stories inside. The course uses illustrations and art to understand the state of culture and historic events throughout the time that the iconic Saturday Evening Post was published.

  • Rock and Roll Royalty: The Home of the King


    Take a virtual day trip to Graceland and learn some fascinating facts about the “King,” Elvis Presley.  Presenter and historian, Jo Ann Tufo, is proud to have been born in Memphis, Tennessee, and looks forward to sharing this interesting portion of American entertainment history.

  • The Crusades: Christian & Moslem Perspectives


    When, after the 9/11 attacks, then President W. Bush declared: ‘This CRUSADE, this war on Terrorism will take a while…’, The Christian Science Monitor reported: “President Bush’s reference to a ‘crusade’ ……. rang alarm bells…”. This was in reference to a series of European invasions of the Holy Land over a four-hundred-year period, specifically cast […]

  • Where Were You in ’42? Reminiscences of a Fascinating Year


    This course commemorates the many cultural and political changes that occurred during the first year of World War II in America. Pivotal events, new products, shifts in the economy and entertainment are discussed and explored. Some of the most influential people in U.S. history would be born in 1942, join in the celebration of their […]