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    The Bigham Family Murders: Three Trials and a Family History, Abigail Geedy


    The Bigham Family was a prominent family in Marion and Florence Counties often whispered about and feared by their neighbors. Throughout 6 generations of the family living in SC, a number of the members were accused of circumventing the law, murdering family members and workers, and general unpleasantness, culminating in the events of January 15, […]

    The Grand Strand in the 20th Century, Marian Calder


    Compared to many areas in South Carolina, the Grand Strand is fairly young. Join us to learn the history behind its development, including an attempt in the early 1900s to turn Myrtle Beach into “The Beverly Hills of the East Coast.” Wednesday, 2 p.m., 11/8, $5, online (Zoom)