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  • Auction Houses, Attempted Co-ops, and Allotments: The Impact of Flue-Cured Tobacco on Horry County, SC


    After the rise of the boll weevil made cotton crops unstable, flue-cured tobacco became the main cash crop of Horry County. This presentation focuses on the impact of the auction system and the ways in which farmers and buyers attempted to push the prices in their favor.

  • Building the Magic: Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom


    In the late 1960s, Disney acquired 25,000 acres of swampland in Florida. Over the next 2 years, part of the land was transformed into the world’s leading theme park resort. It wasn’t an easy job. In this power point presentation, the secrets of the construction of the Magic Kingdom will be discussed. We will also […]

  • Dare, Dream, Believe, Do: The Life of Walt Disney


    Walt Disney was a visionary in the entertainment world. He created amazing animated films, beloved animated characters, and a new type of vacation destination. The public saw him as the father of Mickey Mouse and his friends, and called him “Uncle Walt”. But who was the “man behind the mouse”? In this 2 hour power […]

  • Eating Your Way Through American History


    This course explores the history of food throughout the United States and it’s effect on the culture for for the past 250 years.

  • Forgotten Disney: Extinct Rides and Attractions


    In the 50 years that Walt Disney World in Florida has been in operation, there have been many attractions that have been closed for one reason or another. In this PowerPoint presentation we will look at some of these attractions. Some were loved and are still missed by fans today, others may be best forgotten. […]

  • Horry County History through Photos


    Join us as Horry County Museum Curator Hillary Winburn explores Horry County’s history and stories through the Museum’s photographic collection.

  • Losing the Light: The Night Mary Lost Abraham


    In this power point presentation, we will cover the events of the night of April 14-15, 1865. How did Mary, Robert & Tad react to Abraham’s murder? Who was with them? What did they and others later write about it? Who was responsible for the murder and what happened to them? Find out these answers […]

  • Major General Nathanael Greene


    You will hear a short lecture on Major General Nathanael Greene covering his contributions to the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

  • Native American Lore and History


    The class will encompass Native American crafts and jewelry; history and facts; and facts and fiction. Osborne has spent a lifetime studying, reading about, and collecting Native American history, crafts, and lore. This interactive class includes showing part of his large collection of artifacts, looking at recreations of weapons, tools, jewelry, etc.

  • On the Road Again


    This course explores the history of American travel from the 18th Century to the Present.

  • Rock and Roll Will Never Die


    This class explores the history of Rock and Roll in the United States and the effect on American culture.

  • The 54th Massachusetts in Horry County


    In this lecture Curator Hillary Winburn will discuss the 54th Massachusetts Colored Troop Regiment in South Carolina during the Civil War and their time spent in Horry and Georgetown Counties.