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  • Adjusting the Sails: Women who took this “Dis” out of “disABILITY”


    This presentation explores the lives of some inspiring women who conquered obstacles to excel in business, education, science, and social reform.  Overcoming bias based on gender can be an overwhelming task but these women also had to smash the glass ceiling while living with a variety of challenges related to physical and mental disadvantages.     The […]

  • Agrarian Folklore and Folk Remedies


    Rural farming communities have long been places with people who lived and worked closely with the land for their daily survival. Folklore springs from this in ways such as knowing if the ‘signs’ are right for certain crops or other farm activities, a concept that drives much of the information in the widely used Farmer’s […]

  • American Civil War Medicine and Surgeons


    Students will understand the Medical and Surgical advances made during the Am. Civil War and a discussion of luminaries in Medicine (Drs. McGuire, Porcher, Baruch and others)

  • Ask Mrs. Roosevelt


    This class explores the extraordinary First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, her life and contributions via her daily newspaper column and many other media appearances that made her point of view respected by many. Mrs. Roosevelt impacted her peers and future generations.

  • Homestead Sweet Homestead


    This class explores the experiences of female homesteaders in America.  These women took advantage of the Homestead Act of 1862 that offered free federal land in the United States.  Single, widowed, divorced ladies, their mothers, sisters, daughters all had a story and participants will gain an understanding of their courage despite seemingly unsurmountable odds.

  • Let’s Talk about Life: The Covers and Stories of Life Magazine


    This class explores the art and photography of the iconic American magazine, as well as the stories behind the covers.  Life magazine served as a chronicle of some of the most critical historic and cultural events in history.

  • Mothers of Invention:


    This course focuses on the many inventions that were considered the “brain child” of women.  A multitude of inventions and their inventors will be explored, from the Circular Saw to Dishwashers. It was ladies that made them a reality and changed history.

  • Preserving History: Women in our National Parks


    This class explores our nation’s parks and the women who put forth the effort to preserve and secure America’s natural beauty and history. From Coast to Coast women made significant contributions to ensure that generations would enjoy our heritage.

  • The Story of Peter Horry


    Many of us have heard of Francis Marion thanks to the romanticized stories by Parson Weems. But what about the man who served along with him and for whom Horry County is named? Join us to learn more about Peter Horry, his role in the Revolutionary War, and beyond.

  • Women in ISLAM- Past & Present!


    The Quran (main source of Islamic Law) has prescribed a special status for women. The Hadith (Prophet Muhamad’s sayings and actions) has reinforced that special status through teachings and specific practices. Over the years, traditions and various ‘scholarly’ and cultural influences (not dissimilar to Western practices) have led to a diminished and somewhat ‘inferior’ status […]