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  • Advocacy and Activism: American Women’s Voices that Changed the Course of Human Events


    This course explores the contributions of American women who lifted their voices to speak out against political and social injustice throughout the nation’s history. The topics will include slavery, child labor, migrant workers, immigrant advocacy, healthcare and human trafficking. These stories and accounts will celebrate the irrepressible spirit of women who had the courage to […]

  • African American Sites in Horry County


    Join us as we discuss the history of sites like Atlantic Beach and the variety of communities and schools associated with African American heritage in Horry County.

  • Alaska (time changed to 2 p.m.)


    Enjoy photos, travel stories, and information about Alaska, taken from SALT’s summer adventure to the great frontier.

  • American Sign Language


    You will be immersed in ASL vocabulary and grammar. A focus on Deaf Culture will be enhanced. By the end of this course, you will be able to manage basic conversational sign language. This class will be held at Bethea United Methodist Church.

  • Artsy Folks with Fabulous Stories


    Join Kelli Barker as she interviews creative individuals whose stories will amaze and delight you.

  • Banned Books


    Join this relaxed discussion group as we read or reread some of the most famous classics that have been banned or censored repeatedly.

  • Basic Algebra for Seniors


    Understanding elementary algebra is essential for almost all other mathematical disciplines. This course will focus on classical topics: properties of real numbers, linear equations and graphs, simultaneous sets of equations, quadratic equations and exponents. Side trips of interest to the class will be encouraged. Only fundamental arithmetic will be needed as a pre-requisite.

  • Beginning Watercolor (specially for those who think they have no talent)


    This 5-week class is for beginners and will provide the very basic essentials of watercolor art. It will enable even those who think they have not talent to produce an art work of quality. This is NOT an art approach where everyone does the same art work. In this class each person will select an […]

  • Bewitched: The Salem Witch Trials and Other Myths


    Right in time for Halloween, this class explores the 17th century trials directed at women who dared to step outside the societal norms in colonial America. In addition, it highlights some other misconceptions about ladies whose behavior raised eyebrows and often led to incarceration, social shunning and character assassination over the past two centuries.

  • Birds of Prey


    Join Stephen on Zoom to learn about the behind the scenes story of Birds of Prey and then sign up for the excursion we have planned later in the semester to visit the center.

  • Breakfast Club


    Start your day off right by enjoying a wonderful breakfast with your SALT friends.

  • Chew the Fat, 11/21


    Chew the fat means to talk informally, in a friendly manner. Join us for conversation and laughter as we respond to videos and articles about popular culture/current happenings, discuss things our “home” states are famous for, and many other topics depending on which rabbit holes we fall into. “Elevenses” (mid-morning snacks) and coffee/tea/beverage of choice […]