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  • Adjusting the Sails: Women who took this “Dis” out of “disABILITY”


    This presentation explores the lives of some inspiring women who conquered obstacles to excel in business, education, science, and social reform.  Overcoming bias based on gender can be an overwhelming task but these women also had to smash the glass ceiling while living with a variety of challenges related to physical and mental disadvantages.     The […]

  • Agrarian Folklore and Folk Remedies


    Rural farming communities have long been places with people who lived and worked closely with the land for their daily survival. Folklore springs from this in ways such as knowing if the ‘signs’ are right for certain crops or other farm activities, a concept that drives much of the information in the widely used Farmer’s […]

  • American Civil War Medicine and Surgeons


    Students will understand the Medical and Surgical advances made during the Am. Civil War and a discussion of luminaries in Medicine (Drs. McGuire, Porcher, Baruch and others)

  • American Sign Language Continuation


    This course is NOT for beginners. This course is for students who have previously taken an ASL course from Jason Milliren or an equivalent external course. Here, you will be further immersed in ASL vocabulary, grammar, and culture. By the end of this course, you should be able to manage conversational sign language both receptively […]

  • Ask Mrs. Roosevelt


    This class explores the extraordinary First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, her life and contributions via her daily newspaper column and many other media appearances that made her point of view respected by many. Mrs. Roosevelt impacted her peers and future generations.

  • Banned Young Adult Books


    Book Banning in schools is in the news a great deal lately. Let’s see what the fuss is about. We will chose 4 young adult (YA) novels that are frequently targeted for banning to read and discuss. Topics may include violence, sexual & sexuality topics, foul language and more.

  • Beginning Watercolor Art


    This 4 week class is for beginners and will provide the very basic essentials of watercolor art. It will enable even those who think they have no talent to produce an art work of quality. This is NOT an art approach where everyone does the same art work. In this class each person will select […]

  • Breakfast Club


    Start your day off right by enjoying a wonderful breakfast with your SALT friends.

  • Chew the Fat


    Chew the fat means to talk informally, in a friendly manner. Join us for conversation and laughter as we respond to videos and articles about popular culture/current happenings, some of our favorite or least favorite things, and many other topics depending on which rabbit holes we fall into. Some topics in the past have been […]

  • Difficult Circumstances Book Club


    We will read and discuss books about child protagonists who find themselves in difficult or unusual circumstances (foster care, non-traditional family unit, hearing, sight, or movement impaired, etc.).

  • Dining Club Central


    Join your SALT friends on the second Tuesday of the month for dinner at locally owned restaurants located between Conway, Restaurant Row and Murrells Inlet. Members need to RSVP by the date indicated and order from the menu.

  • Dining Club North


    Once a month, students will socialize, share, and enjoy each other while having dinner at a variety of restaurants.