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  • A Fast Tour of Classical Plane Geometry


    Included in the course will be theorems about congruent triangles, parallel lines and similar triangles. There will be 2 complicated but important theorems, Ptolemy’s Theorem and the so-called “Side-Splitter” Theorem…but these theorems will be reviewed step-by-step. Similar triangles will be used to prove the (hopefully) familiar Pythagorean Theorem and the law of cosines. Although there […]

  • Butterflies


    It’s “Learn about Butterflies Day,” so we asked Kathy Osborne, North Carolina Zoo’s Kidzone Coordinator (and Carol’s cousin), to share her knowledge with us!

  • Permutations, Combinations & Probability


    Permutations, Combinations & Probability This course will explore the mathematical nature of probability, primarily for so-called discrete sample spaces, i.e. where the number of possible outcomes of some thought experiment (e.g. coin tossing) is countable. The course will start with an explanation of the ways of enumerating possible outcomes of events, e.g. the number of […]