SALT Newsletter, February 18

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What’s Cooking for the rest of February and early March at SALT?

The image above comes from the second episode of Culinary Capers with Kelli and Carol, but that is just one of the many tantalizing options from our spring collection of courses. You still have time to register for the following:
Easy Greeting Cards, Felted Soap
Monday MorningsĀ on the Farm, Mondays with Maury
Quirks and Foibles of Clothing over Time
Forward to the Fifties and Doug and the Doc (music)
Where Did My Photos Go?
Grenada, South Korea, Montserrat, Virtual Tour of Bellefield Plantation
Irish in America; Wives, Lovers, and Spies; America’s Home; GI Jive; Native American Oral Tradition and Archaeology.

Our 4-week classes will be ending next week, so if you want to continue exercising, tangling, painting, or meditating, be certain to sign up for the next session before it gets cancelled!

To access the catalog, go to the homepage of our website (, scroll down, and click on the appropriate button. To register for a course, click on the link “Courses” at the top of any page on the website, click on the search icon (magnifying glass) in upper right corner, type part of the class name and search. Once you have found the class, click on description and additional information to make sure it is the class you want to take, add it to your cart, and then proceed to check out by clicking on your cart when you are finished. You will get the link for the Zoom session for the class the day before it is scheduled to begin. Be sure to check your spam or trash folders just in case.


We add new podcasts at the beginning of each week. To be ready to celebrate all the special days of the week ahead, and to keep up with the latest in SALT news, go to the homepage of our website, scroll down, click on the Podcast link, and listen. These short “radio shows” are recorded by Kelli’s daughter, Desma.

SALT Celebrations

Don’t forget our St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at 4:00 p.m. on February 17. Wear green, bring a green beverage, and enjoy happy hour with your SALT friends.

Reminders for SALT students and instructors

Please refrain from logging into classes until 5 minutes before they are scheduled to begin, and then end class and log out at 10 minutes before the hour they are scheduled to end so that we avoid overlaps on the Zoom sessions.

If you are enjoying your SALT experience, share the good news with other friends and family, no matter where they live. We would love to have more nice people join the fun!
Delivery to the Masers

We so appreciate all our instructors, students, and donors. Here are some photos of the delivery of “prizes from Sanibel” to a few of our first 10 donors. We are still working on the rest of the prizes and waiting for better weather to bring them to you!
Delivery to MaryClair and Bob
Delivery to Peg

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