SALT Newsletter, 3/29/22

Spring travels with SALT

What fun we have had this semester getting to know our new members and reconnecting with our friends who have traveled with us in the past. Our adventures in Salty have been so enjoyable because of you. Hearing your chatter and laughter as we roll down the highway and watching your reactions as you encounter local treasures like the Angel Oak for the first time, we know that our SALT venture has been a success!

Our trip to Bald Head Island today was chilly, but fun and educational. We rode the ferry from Southport. Jake met us at the landing with three golf carts and provided a fascinating tour, giving us a full history of the island. We ended at Old Baldy and some of us climbed the 108 steps for the view. Returning to Southport, the 14 of us dined at Provisions.

We have six weeks left in our spring semester, and seats are filling fast in the remaining 16 trips on our schedule. We hope you can join us on at least one of these adventures. Spring is so beautiful in the low country!

Register for local excursions here (

Preview of SALT's Summer Plans

Face it, summer along the Grand Strand is crazy! Starting in May with Biker Week, the traffic becomes impossible, the restaurants crowded, and the local venues packed. Sure, we love the tourists and the revenue their visits generate, but for locals, often it's time to lie low, entertain guests, or get away from the madness.

Originally, our plan was to skip the summer and resume normal operations in September with SALT's fall semester, but then we heard from some of our club leaders, instructors, and students. You wanted to stay in touch with one another, to continue through the summer, even in a modified way. So we concocted a new plan!

In May, you will be able to register for SUMMER SALT, paying $10 for the membership and enjoying all clubs for free! We will offer a few online classes for a modest fee, and possibly one or two excursions to keep Salty tuned up. More information will be forthcoming. If you know of anyone who would like to offer a summer class, please tell them to contact us by mid-April for more information.

Ellen Jampole

Besides being the chair of SALT's Board of Advisors and our dear friend, Ellen teaches Gentle Exercises to Sweat By, Tangling for the Zen of It, and Easy Card-Making. She also leads Chew the Fat, one of our most popular discussion classes. Even though she's a little zany, she is dedicated to lifelong learning, as her many years working with OLLI and now with SALT demonstrate. One of her students writes of her Gentle Exercises to Sweat By, "Another great class to do on ZOOM. Ellen adds a lot of variety to the activities that cover most of our body. Some exercises are done sitting with a few more standing. Each person can work up to their own physical ability." Another student adds, "This is a low-impact exercise course. Ellen makes it really fun. She plays great music and has all kinds of advice and practical applications for movements Ellen has a great sense of humor and is quick to laugh. The hour of exercise is over before you know it!" Whether it's exercise, crafts, or spirited discussion, Ellen is sure to entertain and enlighten her students. See the schedule for her upcoming classes below.

Linda Shultz
Linda Shultz

Linda is offering a FREE CHAIR YOGA CLASS on Thursday, March 31 at 10:00 a.m. This is just one example of the care and generosity she always exhibits toward her students! You can register for this class via our website under courses. The free class is the one with Linda's picture on it. Linda has been working with us for many years, offering a variety of classes to help seniors stay fit. One of her students comments: "I’m not a person who enjoys exercise classes BUT this course is fun & worthwhile enrolling. The instructor, Linda, makes it interesting but challenging at the same time & never boring. She has helped me to strengthen my core which improved my balance, along with working all my other muscles BUT not to the point of soreness the next day. She alters the exercises for the same muscle area every class. Linda is a very happy person with a great deal of energy & before you know it you also will have a bounce in your step. Come & enjoy this class. You will improve your health while
having fun." Another student says, "I have been taking Linda’s classes and am AMAZED by the positive results." Now's your chance to see for yourself what a treasure Linda is to the SALT community!

SALT classes beginning in April:

Kauai, Kevin Cornett (4/6)
Virtual Tour of Hobcaw Barony, Richard Camlin (4/6)
Chair Yoga, Linda Shultz (4/7)
Extra, Extra, Read all about it! Gail Reynolds (4/7)
There is More in Illinois than Chicago, Valerie Gugala (4/7)
Australia, Carol Osborne (4/13)
Losing the Light: The Night Mary lost Abraham, Valerie Gugala (4/14)
Seated Senior Fitness, Linda Shultz (4/19)
Tangling for the Zen of It, Ellen Jampole (4/19)
Gentle Exercises to Sweat By (4/20)
Making Southern Biscuits, Leslie Wilson (4/22)
Mindful Movement, Heather Hufstetler (4/22)
SC Dispensary System and Prohibition, Abby Geedy (4/28)
Click here to register for upcoming classes (

Don't forget the animals!
As we announced in the last newsletter, we will be collecting supplies and donations for local animal shelters in April. On April 26, we will bring SALTY to the Kohl's parking lot at the corner of 544 and 17 at 10 a.m. and to the University Commons parking lot (501 and University Blvd) at 11 a.m. so that you can meet us with your donations. As a reminder, here are the lists of supplies needed:

Coastal Animal Rescue Wish List
Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (Blue), Bleach, Kitten Chow Dry Food, Wet Cat Food, Trash Bags (drawstring, kitchen or construction), Pillow Cases, Paper Towels, Towels, Sheets, Postage Stamps, Canned Dog Food (Pedigree or Alpo), Vinegar, Pureed Baby Food, Pee Pads, Pellet Litter
The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach Wish List
Pedigree Dog Food, Adult Cat Food, Cat Toys, Cat Litter, Metal Dog Dishes, King Dog Toys, Small Litter Pan, Paper Towels, Kitten Chow, Pedigree Puppy Chow, Pet Flea Shampoo, Cat Nip, Dishwashing Soap, Bleach, Laundry Soap, Canned Cat Food, Cat Treats, Kitten and Puppy Formulas

National and International Travel with SALT
Folks are wanting to travel now that the worst of the pandemic is behind us. We have two students headed to Scotland in May, eight cruising to Alaska in June, and eight signed up for California Rail in September. We will soon begin to book tours for 2023, so if you have any bucket list destinations, let us know! Meanwhile, there's still time for you to sign up for our fall 2022 offerings below: Landscapes & Lighthouses of Coastal Maine; Philadelphia, Amish Country, and the Brandywine Valley; Great Trains and Grand Canyons; Iceland Explorer; Hawaii Three-Island Adventure; and New York City Holiday.

Click here for information about our national and international tours (

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