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We were due for a newsletter anyway, but isn't the date today, 2-2-2022, just perfect for one? We want to start by thanking all of you who elected to receive our newsletters, added a spring membership, and then signed up for classes and excursions. We are so pleased that word of our program is spreading, and we hope that you continue telling friends and family here and elsewhere about us.

One thing we know about our membership is that they love to socialize over a meal, so we added some new dining clubs this spring, and guess what? Those five clubs have the highest enrollment of any of our products so far this semester, followed by "Chew the Fat," a discussion club led by Ellen Jampole (who just celebrated a birthday).

** Opportunities for Travel with SALT
Who knew that the Charleston Tea Plantation would be so popular this semester? The second trip we added to that destination has filled up. Should we add a third trip? We will consider it if we receive more inquiries. Meanwhile, there are over 30 other trips planned that we know you will enjoy, and we are working with some crafters to offer even more...specifically opportunities for creating stained glass pieces and mosaics.

We ask you to register for our excursions at least a week before they are scheduled (preferably even earlier) 1) so that we don't have to cancel and disappoint those who wish to travel (as happened with our second trip this spring), and 2) so that you get a seat on the van. Just as a heads-up, here are our February local excursions:
* Wat Carolina Thai Buddhist Monastery, Thursday, Feb. 10
* Mystery Valentine Trip, Monday, Feb. 14
* *SEWE Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Friday, Feb. 18
* *Amtrak Train from Florence, SC to Fayetteville, NC, Thursday, Feb. 24
* Ferry to Ft. Fisher and Behind the Scenes of the NC Aquarium, Monday, Feb.28

*The deadline for these two trips is Feb. 4 since we have to purchase tickets ahead of time.

** Classes Beginning in February
The Middle East
Essential Oils (Eliminating Toxins and Strengthening Immunity)
Dinning Club North
A Visit to Orkney, Scottish Islands
You Say You Want a Revolution?
Seated Senior Fitness
Permutations, Combinations, and Probability
Rock and Roll Will Never Die
Tangling for the Zen of It
Dining Club Central
Difficult Circumstances Book Club
Native American Lore and History
Gentle Exercises to Sweat By
Monuments of Washington DC
Who is Buried in Grant's Tomb?
Iceland & Norway
OT: Let's Stop the Falls
Random Acts of Kindness Day
Consumer Laws to Protect You
Auto Buying
Auction Houses, Attempted Co-ops, and Allotments: Tobacco in Horry County
The 54th Massachusetts in Horry County
Breakfast Club
The Power of Using Elderberries
Mindful Movement
Sports Club

and we may be adding a second Biscuit Making Class soon!
Start Shopping (


Paining pottery at All Fired Up!
Dining at Bistro 217 after pottery painting
Enjoying Big Mike’s Soul Food with Diners and Dives

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